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Endless Wine

Companion for Wine Enthusiasts

Endless Wine makes your wine experience even better.

The app launched on August 1, 2021 with a very limited feature set but it already provides valuable information on wines you consider buying, like the average rating and the best place to buy. It tracks wines you taste and shows opinions about them from other wine enthusiasts.

Soon there’ll be plenty of additional features geared toward making wine tasting a blast: quests & achievements will turn your wine journey into a game, interesting information about all aspects of your wines will deepen your understanding, ultra personalized recommendations will help you choose the best wines to try next, and social interactions with winemakers, retailers and wine enthusiasts will level up your wine tasting experience.

Our intent is to make Endless Wine a fully international project very soon, but in the beginning we have to limit our focus on just one market, which will be our home country, Hungary.

This means initially the app speaks just two languages, English and Hungarian, and our wine database contains almost exclusively wines that are available to buy at Hungarian wine retailers, which are mostly Hungarian wines but also a great selection of wines from around the world.

We launched with an iPhone app first but an Android app isn’t too far out, so stay tuned!

Come, join us on the journey!


This is what Endless Wine looks like from the inside.

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